New McDonald's Shame Mask: When You Just Can't Help Yourself

This is hilarious. Because it's true! Documentarians, reporters, and tastemakers to the middle-to-upper-class have done a pretty good job of shaming McDonald's over the years, for everything from its sheer unhealthiness to its support for factory farms to its brazen kid-targeting advertising. As such, the act of setting foot in McDonald's alone has become a disgraceful deed for the hip, world-aware, or the left-leaning. (Of course, McDonald's is still gleefully doling billions of burgers out to everyone else.)

And yet, due perhaps to the unprecedented staying power of that devastatingly effective child-focused advertising, many of us hip, world-aware, left-leaning folks can't help but succumb to the allure of those fried chicken goo chucks they call nuggets. Or those dry burger patties with that bread thing jammed in the middle. Now, I wouldn't fess up to being any of the aforementioned, and sure, I hate all that McDonald's stands for as much as the next guy. But I do admit to occasionally, and of course, guiltily, staggering into a McDonald's under the cover of night to hastily choke down some Nuggets.

Such episodes don't occur often, because whenever they do, I'm instantly reminded of how bad the stuff actually tastes and am able to stave off the nostalgia-fueled McDonald's tractor beam for at least a year or so. But when I inevitably succumb again, I'll gladly take a McShame mask with my fries ...

Of course, the big takeaway from this video is the reminder that all the finger-wagging and tsk-tsking at McDonald's has only had the tiniest impact on the fast food giant thus far, and only amongst a select demographic.

New McDonald's Shame Mask: When You Just Can't Help Yourself
... and you don't want anyone to know.

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