New Green Craft Blog: Sew Green


Incorporating crafty DIY into your sustainable life is fun, economical and might even take the edge of your creative desires. If your thing is soft crafts, like sewing, knitting etc then you might be interested in this new, collaborative, multi-author blog with big plans. The contributors, from around the world, range from artists, designers, environmentalists, teachers and stay-at-home mums, all with an interest in sharing their creative eco ideas with others. They say "I am feeling more anxious all the time about whether we will ever wake up from our consumption-induced stupor to see how our vapid, overfed lifestyles are making the rest of the world miserable. I am miffed at the widespread idea that buying stuff can bring meaning to our lives, and so I spend a lot of time in my community trying to create opportunities for people to get together and do things that are meaningful: knit an afghan, play with children, cook a meal, put on a play, or petition our elected officials for change."

We at TreeHugger love it when DIY and craft come together, we are big fans of crafty DIY sites like SuperNaturale, and whip up, and love all the fantastic indie craft fairs and design shows that showcase the handmade.

Will be eagerly waiting to see if this site lives up to expectations. ::sewgreen, Image ::flickr