New Facebook Application Gives You the Quick and Dirty on Your Personal Water Consumption

photo: Friend2Friend
Facebook is now giving you the quick and dirty when it comes to your own water footprint. Friend2Friend, Facebook, and Siemens have come together with a simple and rather enlightening new Facebook application. You may be surprised to learn where the majority of your water is used.Facebook is featuring a new water conservation application that gives you a speedy rundown of your personal water use. You can complete the test in a few minutes and then afterward see where you fall in comparison to other Facebook peeps. Obviously low flow toilets, efficient washing machines, and eco-friendly dish washers are crucial to keeping your personal water footprint in check, even if you think you're conservative with water use. But the test also listed simple tasks like trying to get your shower time down to one song and installing low-flow faucet aerators in your sinks. Also consider buying whole foods like vegetables, rice, and potatoes and cutting back on your consumption of meat. Processed foods and meat take a lot more water to produce than vegetables that come straight from the farm.

You can show off your own personal footprint to all your Facebook friends and inspire them to reduce their use. Take the test and then pass it on.

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