New Ecological Art Gallery

The Gallery @ Adventure Ecology HQ is a new and fascinating addition to the London art scene, and the environmental education field as well. The Gallery is the public face of an environmental group for children called Adventure Ecology. They are holding their first big exhibition, featuring the work of four artists who are examining environmental issues. Claire Morgan's work (pictured), with delicate butterflies and dead birds, examines decay and "the residues that we as a society leave on the earth." Another artist has filled 50 plastic bags with water and bits of broken umbrellas to symbolise the 5 melting polar ice caps over the last ten years and fragility of life. Money from the sale of the artwork goes to support the educational aspect. The group is aimed at reaching children 9 to 16 years old through the schools. There is a good interactive website with lots of neat information. They are also sponsoring missions to endangered parts of the world. Children will be able to follow them on the net. The first trip was 100 days long, setting off from Cape Arctichesky in Russia, and ending up at Ellesmere Island, Canada, with a stop at the North Pole along the way. The upcoming one is to Ecuador; with 2 photographers, an artist and a filmmaker going to study trash and waste in areas that are being spoiled by our global footprint. :: The Gallery@Adventure Ecology HQ

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