New BBC Show: No Waste Like Home


The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has a new show hosted by Penney Poyzer (interview here, some of her tips here) titled "No Waste Like Home". The concept is a bit similar to many other home improvement/makeover shows, but in this case the aim is to make a house more efficient and a family more eco-friendly by giving tips on how to produce less waste and tread lighter on the planet. In the first episode, Penney managed "to reduce one family's household waste by 94% in just two weeks. She also helped them reduce food wastage by 60% and heating gas usage by 63% (which wasn't hard as they heated their house 24 hours a day at 28 degrees centigrade!!!). She managed to save the family of five £419 ($753) in two weeks the equivalent over a year of over £10,000 (nearly $20,000)."

::No Waste Like Home, ::Interview With Penney Poyzer, via ::The Alt-Energy Blog