"Never Buy Gas Again" Billboard Improved by Graffiti

never buy gas again billboard

Photo: Craig C., Flickr
"In Berkeley, California, where even the delinquent vandals are environmentally conscious."
I'm not the biggest fan of graffiti, but sometimes I see something that makes me smile, or that I think makes a valid point. The "I Don't Believe in Global Warming" graffiti by Banksy was pretty clever, the anti-air pollution stencils in Chicago were even better, and the cyclists who re-painted a bike lane guerilla-style succeeded in attracting lots of attention to their cause (though they also got in trouble). The one above is from Berkeley, and it shows the real way to not have to buy gas (not burn gas, in fact). Via Hacked IRL, Photo by Craig C. (Thanks to Chris Tackett for the tip)

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