Nest High Chair

When a modernist mom-designer could not find a high chair to match with her decor, she made up her own, the Nest. Though the UV-stabilized polyethelene from which it is made isn't our top pick for materials, the chair does indeed work some TH magic in another way: Because it can be adjusted for various stages of a child's life, it can be used for several years, negating the need to buy more excessive amounts of children's furniture. And as a rather durable piece, it can be handed down and used for years. Plus, it's stark-white eggy shape will subtly prep your kids for their design education, and no one will be whining about that. Now if we could just do something about that diaper... £255 Thanks for the tip to Michele W. Via Daddytypes ::Via Cool Hunting ::Mozzee [by MO]