NeoFiles Interviews Jamais Cascio

The very inspirational Jamais Cascio of WorldChanging has been interviewed by NeoFiles. He talks about tons and tons of interesting things, among others: The path that led him to where he is now, and future modifications to the site, memes and reframing, the importance of positive and solution-centered environmental coverage, open source software, leapfrogging, etc. Check it out.Here's a great quote from the interview:

With 1% annual improvement, population stabilizing at around 10 billion, and overall increase in standards of living to US/EU levels, the globe would be using 40 percent more energy in 2100 than today. But by bumping up overall efficiency improvement to 2% averaged over the next century, we'd actually end up using half our current levels of energy.

The creation of fictional future worlds serves organizational strategy. Think about that. Everyone on the planet — 10 billion people, a bit more than the UN estimate for the end of the century — with Western lifestyles ... and using half the amount of energy we use today. All by paying slightly more attention to efficiency in our designs.
::NeoFiles Interview with Jamais Cascio