Neil Young hits a "Fork in the Road"

Neil Young - Fork In The Road

Neil Young sings the title track for his latest album.
Neil Young has been traipsing around the country in his eco-friendly LincVolt, recently stopping at the SXSW Fest in Austin, where he premiered his concert documentary, Neil Young's Trunk Show, a work-in-progress directed by Jonathan Demme, and promoted his next album, Fork in the Road, rolling out just a couple months before his anticipated "Archives" release and world tour.
Inspired by his retro-fit energy-efficient vehicle, the new recording, which drops on April 7, thematically focuses on alternative fuel. For a preview, Young has made a few homespun videos available of songs from the recording, such as: "Get Behind the Wheel," "Off the Road," "Hit the Road," and "Cough Up the Bucks."

On the video for "Johnny Magic," shot inside his "big ole rig," Young sings from the driver's seat about the Wichita mechanic John Goodwin who's transformed the musician's 2.5 ton 1959 Lincoln Continental in preparation for racing it in the Automotive X Prize competition for 100 MPG vehicles.

With Young's goal to build a zero-emissions automobile that eliminates roadside re-fueling entirely, another documentary is in the works to chronicle the green land-yacht's first cross-country gasoline-free road trip to Washington, DC.

Corny or Ethanolly?

Most fans dig the tunes but those impatient over the two-year delay of Young's box set, Archives Vol.1 1963-1972, available June 2, have whined in blogs about the environmentally-oriented lyrics with complaints like: "It's basically a condemnation of the choices people who own gas guzzlers make. It's pretty awful. If the whole album is this literal and angry it'll be completely un-listenable."

You'd think Young's 40 years of musical protests and outspoken commentary is suddenly unusual or his amusing trademark blues-rock sound changed -- instead of his wheels.

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