Neighbors Build 100% Reclaimed Shed, Stash Reusable Plates for Each Others' Parties

pallet house reusable party plates house photoPaul Wheaton/Video screen capture

From modular refugee housing through an innovative reclaimed garden display to a 600 Sq. Foot recycled office warehouse, shipping pallets can be a darned useful construction material. They can even be used to build a vertical garden on your home balcony.

The community of Vashon Island, Wa. has put reclaimed shipping pallets to work eliminating even more trash—they built a 200 square foot storage shed which operates as the "No Trash Bash Stash House". This community "lending library" allows neighbors to borrow plates, glasses, forks, knives, linens, cookware and just about anything else they might need to throw a party that would otherwise involve purchasing disposables.

pallet house reusable party plates sign photoPaul Wheaton/Video screen capture

As Karen Biondo of La Biondo Farm and Kitchen explains, the shed was constructed almost entirely from free and reclaimed materials like old fencing, pallets and other resources. It is now used as both a farm stand, and a storage space for the party stash. Neighbors are asked to make a small, optional donation, and can borrow from the communal hoard whenever they need to. I get the impression that folks on Vashon Island like to throw a party or two.

Thanks as always to Paul Wheaton of for another wonderful video.

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