Neighborhood-Level Lifestyle Changes

This Denver Post article is a nice little fictional scenario of what the near future might look like because of rising energy costs. It doesn't paint an apocalyptic portrait (it's set in 2009, so it's not very far into peak oil), but it still shows a very serious situation where oil is at $110/barrel and natural gas is twice as expensive as it is now, leading to higher prices for pretty much everything. The most interesting part is the second half where an optimistic vision of an emergent local community is described. Neighbors are organizing meetings to talk about how they to best reduce their energy consumption, create gardening cooperatives, share things and find ways to reduce commutes. The reality is that we live in a very individualistic society and that it will take a lot to succeed in bringing back a real sense of community, but then, maybe we won't have much of a choice. In the meantime, lets all act locally as much as possible and share knowledge and tips with friends, family and neighbors. Maybe the Dancing Rabbit eco-village will look a lot less extreme some years down the road...

::Denver Post