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The Nag has been revamped and relaunched! The social change platform, that ranks alongside Do The Green Thing as the UK's most creative motivating force, is back with a new format and bigger ambitions. As winner of Yahoo! Ethical Finds of The Year in 2008 The Nag was doing brilliantly at suggesting simple changes that people can make everyday for a greener lifestyle, but now The Nag is asking you 'the crowd' to join in the fun and have a good ol' nag yourself about the things you'd like to change. There's room for a bit of brainstorming and taking action too!The Nag version 2.0 allows you to "Get it off your chest", "Suggest Solutions" and "Do Something". The idea being that not one person has the answer to all our problems and that we all need to work together to solve environmental and social issues. So, while you have a gripe about something, another member of The Nag can comment on that and offer a solution. Further down the line you or someone else might actually want to do something about the problem and that can be recorded on the Nag too. So a full circle of problem, solution and action is taking place on one platform.

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Speaking last week to The Financial Times Cyndi Rhoades, the founder of Anti-Apathy - the group behind The Nag, Worn Again and Re:Fashion, said "No one person has the answers and the energy to go all the way through to the solution," she says. "The goal of The Nag has always been to galvanise people around change." TreeHugger as a case in point works so well because it is made up of a group of voices from around the world discussing sustainable solutions, with a community of readers who continually comment and give us feedback. So if you feel passionately about changing the world then go on...have a Nag.

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