Necky Recycled Kayaks


Way back when TreeHugger was a babe in the woods we posted on Walden, who at the time made roto-moulded kayaks from recycled plastic. They alas closed their doors, and we found Hydra, who made a portion of their craft with recycled content. But the overall Walden idea was kept alive by Earth Friendly Kayaks. Recently the whole concept was reinvigorated by Necky Kayaks of Washington state, USA.

They make several lengths of their Manitou kayaks from 100% recycled post industrial HDPE. Interestingly they’re claiming the recycled plastic is stronger than standard materials. As well as embracing the recycle ethic, Necky also donate 1% of gross sales to the Waterkeeper Alliance, who champion clean watershed program.
Necky Kayaks is owned by Johnson Outdoors, like other well known outdoor brands such as Old Town canoes, Silva compasses, and Eureka! tents. Coincidentally Johnson Outdoors was just ranked third in the ‘Best Companies to Work For’ -- large companies category, in the May 2008 issue of Outside magazine. ::Necky Kayaks.

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