Neat things for Buy Nothing Day

nothing nutrition.gif
Whatever one thinks about Buy Nothing Day (and thoughts at Treehugger World Headquarters certainly are mixed) There are some interesting things going on. At one high school, students are handing out film cannisters filled with...nothing. (except the nutritional label shown here) In Atlanta, " we have organized a "buy nothing ride" where we crowd the most trafficked streets on our's not a protest, it's a celebration of bikes!" In San Jose, CA, they say
Get out of your cars!
Get out of the stores!
Get onto your bike!
Get into the street!
Get to the BIKE PARTY!
and in Montreal, "at Café Blue Monday, a vegan café located in Verdun, will not be selling any of our products in support of BND 2005 but will be offering free food and drinks with the help of donations from the People's Potato and bread from Première Moisson." Blog