NBC's iGo Green: A New Site from iVillage

igogreenpic.jpg igogreenlogo.jpg

Ladies, are you looking to connect with other eco-minded women on the web? Maybe you're looking to get some simple, green ideas tailored specifically towards your lifestyle. It sounds like you need to visit iVillage's new iGo Green site. With the largest community of women online (over 15 million monthly visits) the women's lifestyle site launched a few weeks ago to show women "just how easy it is to go green." Encompassing organic food, recycled fashion and eco-friendly décor, iGo Green is another example of how green is penetrating the mainstream. We've seen many new sites pop up these days that are focusing on the green lifestyle but, according to iVillage, what differentiates them from the group is that they have a broad scope of content that's updated daily and their focus is entirely on women. According to a company spokesperson, "What was supposed to be a 3-month experiment is now a permanent fixture for our site." When you visit the site, make sure to plant a seed. ::iVillage's iGo Green (Owned by NBC Universal)


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