NBA's Amare Stoudemire Works to Bring Clean Water to Sierra Leone

amare stoudemire clean water sierra leone

The 2003 NBA Rookie of the Year Amare Stoudemire has recently turned his focus away from the court and onto Africa—he's donated a considerable sum of money to fund well construction (a cause he has in common with TreeHugger founder Graham Hill) in Sierra Leone, and he's personally taken a trip there to unveil the various project sites where the work is to be done. Over the summer, Stoudemire visited the Sierra Leone on behalf of his foundation Each 1, Teach 1, traveling to the sites where well digging is to take place. Each 1, Teach 1 is working with the Zee Community Development Foundation in order to bring much-needed clean water to the region. While there, Stoudemire met with Sierra Leone's heads of state, the president and vice president, and shot some hoops with the Sierra Leonean team. He'll also be funding the building of a sports academy. Stoudemire has said of the expedition:

"This is a trip that I had been looking forward to taking my whole life. We had already begun to help the communities in Sierra Leone, and it was great to see the efforts in person. One water well built provides water for 450 people, so as you can see, the impact is huge."

The area currently has a high death toll which is caused largely by very preventable sanitation-related diseases. Stoudemires involvement has been seen as an inspiring presence by the government, other NGOs, and the locals—and his contribution has evidently helped ZCD's goal of providing every household with safe drinking water become a more feasible reality.

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