Navigating Treehugger

To find your way to where you want be, it helps to know the proximity of significant things. Maps serve this purpose in cities and the backcountry. Think of Treehugger as your online map to a greener future. It highlights those features that can help guide you towards a brighter place. Having just past the 700 post milestone, there is a bucket load of useful info here, so some navigation tips might help in finding your way around.
1. Our 'links' are dark red, rather than the usual blue. Click on them for even more info.
1. Our posts are often longer than they first appear. Click on the dark red
“Continue reading ...“ underneath the post to learn more.
2. Click Comments on the bottom left of the post to respond.
3. Click on the bold black ‘categories’ in the thin middle panel to see all our posts on those subjects.
4. Use our newly repositioned ‘Search’ box to find anything, by your choice of keywords. It’s at the top of that same middle panel.
5. Have fun and let us know of any hassles you encounter. [by WM]