Nau Mimics Down with Recycled Polyester Jackets for Winter 2011

nau insular jacket photo

Nau's Insular Jacket for Fall/Winter 2011. Photo: Nau

Whether you're gearing up to hit the slopes or the campus, Nau's outdoor apparel for fall/winter 2011 has you covered. From their goose down blazers and sweaters to hoodies and jackets, they have down, well down. But what has us really excited is their Insular Jacket for men and women that not only features a recycled polyester outer fabric and lining, but it's insulation with the recycled polyester. Essentially, it's a down jacket sans down. Read on:

As Warren reported back in January, Nau's recycled polyester insulation, which makes up 70% of the fill, is said to mimic down and provide warmth with less bulk.

The other 30% of the insulation is Cocona activated carbon sourced from the industrial waste of coconut shells claims, which is said to manage odors and be quick drying.

mens insular jacket photo

Nau's Insular Jacket for Fall/Winter 2011. Photo: Nau

And though it is what is on the inside that counts, when it comes to outwear we care about what's on the outside, too. Both coats boast a 2-layer waterproof 100% Teijin Ecocircle recycled poly technology, with ripstop construction and lined with -- you guessed it -- 100% recycled poly.

The women's jacket weighs out at 13.5 oz. and the men's at 2 lbs. 6 oz. and, if the images don't already allude to it, they are well suited for outdoor activities come cooler temps.

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