Nature Themes Dominate Intl. Photography Contest

E Zhang snail photograph
E Zhang's photo is one of the finalists for Sony World's Photography Awards.

After reviewing around 80 thousand photographs, Sony World Photography Awards officials announced today the finalists in 21 different categories. Some of the most stunning photos were selected for the "Natural History" theme--from dueling eagles to a napping gorilla--taken by both professional and amateur photographers. Contest winners will be selected on April 22, but judging from the nominated photos, it'll be difficult selecting just one.

Steve Morenos photo
Photo: Steve Morenos

190 photographers from 48 countries were selected among thousands of submissions. Contest organizers are pleased by what they see as being a resurgence in photography as an art form:

As in past years, the sheer number of entries from across the globe overwhelms us and reminds us of how universal photography is as a creative expression. We are thrilled to see the quality of entries once again heighten and even more pleased to see many returning photographers on the shortlist.

The finalists in the "Natural History" category are easily among the most breathtaking. With environmental awareness on the rise, themes of nature across all art forms are increasingly portrayed with a sense of fragility and reverence that hint at the precarious state of the environment.

Kacper Kowalski photo
Photo: Kacper Kowalski
Paolo Patrizi photo
Photo: Paolo Patrizi
Diego Cortes Escribano photo
Photo: Diego Cortes Escribano
Csaba Loki photo
Photo: Csaba Loki
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