Nature Deficit Disorder Tackled at Camp Filled with Power Tools, Danger for Kids

While there are plenty of reasons to be concerned about the lack of free time among children that's leading to nature deficit disorder, there's a summer camp called "Tinkering School" that aims to change all that by letting kids decide the direction the camp will take with power tools, motor cycles, zip lines, fire, spears, and boats of their own creation.

And it's all for kids, even as young as 7 years old.
Of course, the forms you may have to sign off on before your child heads off to experience such a fascinating opportunity includes the statement "I understand that my child may be injured or killed at this camp." And the standing rule among campers is "No more than one injury per day!"

Tinkering School is Born
The whole idea came about when Gever Tulley, the camp's founder, sat at breakfast in a friends home and watched as a child was told he couldn't play with sticks. Obsessed with the idea that it was absurd that children would be held back from playing with such a natural toy he set out to create Tinkering School with the goal in mind that kids should have the opportunity to play with real tools, make real things, and take real risks.

Now we just have to see how many TreeHuggers out there think their kids might find this a cure for a lack of time spent in the great outdoors!

Via: NPR , Makezine
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