Natural Products Expo West 2006 - Mead, She Wrote

[This is part 4 of a series of guest posts by Siel from Green LA Girl. For more, see part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 & part 5. -Ed.] A question keeping drinkers up at night: What's the difference between mead and melomel?

We found out at a wine and beer tasting at the Natural Products Expo West. Both are yummy and sweet -- and less heavy than either beer or wine. But unbeknownst to most, melomel is not mead, exactly. According to HoneyRun Winery, "Mead is wine made from honey alone." Melomels, on the other hand, usually also contain fruit or berry juice.

If you're a mead purist, you probably know about Redstone Meadery. This place makes mead -- wine fermented from honey -- without sulfites. Redstone Meadery also sponsors the International Mead Festival.

You can get sulfite-free mead at HoneyRun Winery too -- but most of HoneyRun's yummies are not mead. Try their fruit honeywines -- technically melomels -- made from berry juice and honey.

Don't like the sweet stuff? Then check out the growing options for organic beer -- which has clearly hit the main stream, because Anhauser-Busch now has two of them. Wild Hop Lager Beer (site currently down) and Stone Mill Pale Ale were representin' at the expo. The non-mega-corp option at the Expo was the Cali-based Butte Creek Brewing Company, which offers 4 different organic beers.


And never underestimate the power of beer. If you're a treehugging beer drinker, check out Fermenting Revolution, the Beer Activist Guide to Saving the World. Chris O'Brien publishes this online brewsletter and ferments a revolution over his frosted beer mug -- Go and drink likewise!

[A big "thanks" to Siel from Green LA Girl! We hope all that writing about alcohol didn't give her a hangover! -Ed.]

Natural Products Expo West 2006 - Mead, She Wrote
We found out at a wine and beer