Natural Products Expo West 2006 - Drinking With Sharks

[This is part 4 of a series of guest posts by Siel from Green LA Girl. For more, see part 1, part 2, part 3 & part 4. -Ed.] Save sharks -- by drinking wine. That's the idea behind Shark Trust Wines, according to Melanie Marks, president.

"I love wine, and I love sharks," says Melanie, at a wine tasting at Natural Products Expo West. Combine her two passions, and you get a wine company that educates people about sharks and donates 10% of its profits towards shark research and conservation.

The four wines, which run between $10-14 a bottle, come from all over -- South Africa, France, and California. Each bottle has a label that tells the imbiber about the shark they were named after -- the great white, the reef shark, the sixgill, and the whale shark.

After a research expedition that took her diving with the great white sharks, Melanie (left, in green) launched Great White Sharks -- later renamed Shark Trust Wines to include other endangered shark species. The goal's "to change the image of sharks, and reverse their endangerment, through the enjoyment of premium wine."

And this shark wine wasn't the only cause-oriented wine at the expo. If you're the kind of person who buys the breast cancer cure stamps, you'll be interested in the Mt. Vernon's Breast Cancer wine. 12.5% of the $23 a bottle price goes to research.

Is the wine organic, we asked. No -- or not yet, at least. Apparently Melanie's found it difficult, both logistically and financially, to get her wine from organic vineyards. Still, she's open to going organic -- and both the Shark Trust and Mt Vernon did do their parts for the organic movement last weekend -- All proceeds from the wine tasting went to The Organic Center for Education and Promotion.

[A big "thanks" to Siel from Green LA Girl! It's nice to hear about sharks; I think they are under-appreciated because they always play the bad guys in movies. -Ed.]

Natural Products Expo West 2006 - Drinking With Sharks
"I love wine,