Natural Endings — How To Become One With The Environment When Your Time Has Come.

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Death, no not a very palatable subject on a Friday, or in fact any day of the week, but one that we all have to deal with in our mortal lives. However, without wanting to get into philosophical, metaphysical, or religious questions about what happens to us when we ‘kick the bucket’ so to speak, I would like to introduce you Natural Endings. I was going to say Death is a subject usually shied away from, but actually we at TreeHugger seem kind of fascinated with how to meet the end in accordance with our enviro-principals , pets included ! Natural Endings can be added to our ‘death directory’ as a company, based in the North of England, that make it their business to advise people on how to have ‘a dignified, peaceful ceremony in harmony with the environment.’ They can plan a personalised service in a specially chosen place, and they can advise on the pros and cons between burial and cremation in relation to their environmental impact. Whether you’d rather be ‘pushing up daisies’ or have your ashes scattered to the wind Natural endings supply eco-friendly coffins and urns made from natural materials without glues or solvents. They even use an ecological embalming fluid, without formaldehyde. So while we’re not welcoming death to our door the practicalities of the matter are something to think about while we are still here. There’s no sense in spending your life caring about the environment only to end it six feet under encased in MDF. ::Natural Endings , thanks to tippster Zerlina