Native Plants in Brooklyn's Backyard

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Cooped up in an apartment with nothing but a small container garden or balcony-box planter providing a spot of green it's easy to begin thinking the city is nothing but an unbroken sea of asphalt and concrete. It only takes a simple short walk to a park or public garden, as one Good contributor did, however, to remember there is life in the city—it might just be hidden.Good writes:

Last week, I made my first visit to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (I know, I know, what took me so long?). I was right on time for the amazing lilac bloom (above), and it was also the peak of cherry blossom season, so the Hanami festival was in full swing. But my main destination, of course, was its famous Native Flora Garden. It is truly a wonderful space, secluded from the rest of the gardens (if rather unfortunately pressed up against noisy Flatbush Avenue), and beautifully designed with a variety of different local "eco-regions" and "plant communities." Here are just a few of my favorite plants.

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