National Post on Treehugger, Barbeques


Strangely, the climate change denying National Post is full of good green ideas this weekend. In their Take Five handy guide to what's hot, they suggest's guide for How to Go Green

With a name like Treehugger. com, you know the site is all about green. If you're looking to get your life on a more sustainable track, from your car to your sex life, visit their comprehensive (and growing) guides for How to Go Green.

In Bonnie Stern's eco-friendly tips for a summer barbecue,she says that "green issues are the top concern, so when you have your summer barbecues, keep these points in mind:"

-Invite guests by telephone or e-mail. No more paper invitations (or at least use recycled paper).
-Shop at farmers' markets.
-Buy locally grown food whenever possible.
-Buy locally grown organic food whenever possible.
-Eat less protein and more fruits and vegetables, grains and legumes.
-Buy products with minimal packaging.
-Use traditional plates and cutlery.
-Use cloth napkins.
-If you do use paper plates and napkins, use those made from recycled paper.
-Use gas or electric barbecues over charcoal.
-If you do use charcoal, do not use lighter fluid. Chimney lighters work equally well.
-Confirm your guest list to avoid buying too much.
-Send guests home with leftovers so they don't go to waste. ::National Post

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