National Downshifting Week

The National Downshifting Week comes from the UK and will be 1 year old next April (the second edition is from April 22nd to 28th, 2006, but we see no reason why it shouldn't be an everyday event). It's gaining ground all over the world with its simple concept: People are basically asked to live more simply, take time for themselves, act to protect the environment, turn off the TV and reconnect with loved ones, etc. The official website is predictably simple and low-tech, but it contains many good suggestions for individuals, companies, schools & children. Things most of us know, but knowing is not enough - action is required. More below.For individuals:

Book a half day off work to spend entirely with someone you love

Cook a meal using seasonal, raw ingredients, preferably organic

Cut up a credit card

Donate a bag of clothes, toys or useful items to a local charity shop, refuge or recycling centre

Hand-make a simple card for the next birthday or event on your calendar

List your usual weekly expenditure and eliminate 3 non-essential purchases this week

Plant something in the garden you can cultivate and eat and start a compost heap

Support reputable work at home parents and small local businesses

Tonight, turn off the television, switch on the radio, play a few games and talk

Volunteer an hour of your time to a local charity shop, animal shelter, hospice etc

Suggestions for companies here, for schools & children here.

::National Downshifting Week, via ::Triple Pundit