Natalie Portman Sings the Virtues of Recycling + Chu & Schwarzenegger Tell Grads US Must Go First (Video)

It's not too often I (or anyone) gets to write about Natalie Portman, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Steven Chu in the same post, so I've got to seize the opportunity. Two videos coming across my virtual desk this morning that are both worth watching for their serious message and unintentional humor.

Above is a much younger Natalie Portman--which comes to us now via Grist--singing and dancing as part of the World Patrol Kids, who remind us of the virtues of recycling, reusing, etc etc etc. It's dorkiness of the highest order that wouldn't be out of place as a parody on 30 Rock, even if the message isn't bad.Below is a recent clip from where Energy Secretary Steven Chu and former California governor Schwarzenegger talk to graduate students at the ARPA-e Energy Innovation Summit. Nothing radically new is said in terms of actual energy issues but it's totally worth watching just to hear Chu call the former governor Aaahnaald. Which receives a quick glance of disbelief and "oh, that was original" from the Terminator himself. As I said, unintentionally funny.

UPDATE: After writing this post I discovered lurking in the TreeHugger archives that we were already on top of Portman's stint in the World Patrol Kids back in 2007. Well, it was new to me.

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