Naomi Watts Stays On (Green) Message At Oscars

naomi watts.jpg
Despite being needled for gossip on the rumored upcoming nuptials of super-star Nicole Kidman and country singer Keith Urban, the lovely and talented eco-celeb Naomi Watts stuck to her guns and focused on her environmental message. During the red carpet interview Ryan Seacrest hounded her for deets on the dates, but Naomi offered him this rather more important piece of information:

"I opted not to go for a limousine," said Watts, who rode in an environmentally friendly hybrid Lexus and sounded like a car salesman.
"The hybrids are just all what it's about and we're just doing what we can to try and change the environment.
"They drive 20 miles per gallon or over and they're 90 per cent cleaner than any other new car on the road."

You go girl! Via The Sydney Morning Herald