Naomi Klein's 'Leap Manifesto' calls on the Canadian government to divest from fossil fuels

The Leap Manifesto
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Klein, author of "This Changes Everything," launched the Leap Manifesto at the Toronto International Film Festival. Read and sign it here to join the call for a more sustainable and equitable future.

Author and climate change activist Naomi Klein was at the Toronto International Film Festival last week to launch the documentary version of her latest book, “This Changes Everything.” (Read TreeHugger's review of the book here.) She took the opportunity also to introduce her “Leap Manifesto” to the public.

The Leap Manifesto, named in honour of the upcoming leap year, is a passionate call to the Canadian government to “divest from fossil fuels and take radical, unprecedented steps to forge a more sustainable and equitable society” (Salon). Klein wants the government to create new climate policies that are actually strong enough to generate change, prevent further destruction, and, wherever possible, repair the damage already done.

In this 2-minute video, Klein explains the Leap:

The Leap Manifesto As Explained By Naomi Klein

"...I think a lot of people in Canada during this election are voting against something. A lot of people don't feel like they have the option to vote for the Canada they actually want."Naomi Klein says she has a positive alternative. Read more about it here:

Posted by The Huffington Post Canada on Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Manifesto was initiated in the spring of 2015 at a two-day meeting in Toronto attended by representatives from Canada’s Indigenous rights, social and food justice, environmental, faith-based and labour movements. Now at TIFF it has been formally presented to the public, providing an opportunity for all people (not just Canadians) to add their names to the growing call for change.

Excerpts from the Manifesto:

“This leap must begin by respecting the inherent rights and title of the original caretakers of this land. Indigenous communities have been at the forefront of protecting rivers, coasts, forests and lands from out-of-control industrial activity. We can bolster this role, and reset our relationship, by fully implementing the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.”

“There is no longer an excuse for building new infrastructure projects that lock us into increased extraction decades into the future. The new iron law of energy development must be: if you wouldn’t want it in your backyard, then it doesn’t belong in anyone’s backyard.”

“We want training and other resources for workers in carbon-intensive jobs, ensuring they are fully able to take part in the clean energy economy. This transition should involve the democratic participation of workers themselves.”

The Manifesto has received many celebrity signatories including Leonard Cohen, Arcade Fire, Ellen Page, Rachel McAdams, Neil Young, and David Suzuki, and has the support of many major organizations.

Now you can add your support by signing the Leap Manifesto here.

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