Naomi Campbell's Fur Flip, Daryl Hannah's Coal Case, and More


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Model Naomi Campbell may have once been a major part of PETA's "I'd rather go naked than wear fur" campaign, but in the years since the ads she's distanced herself from the organization--and now it looks like she's landed squarely on the pro-fur side.Campbell is taking a reported six figures to appear as the face of fur designer Dennis Basso's new ad campaign. In the ads, Campbell models several different full-length jackets--including one over nothing else. (Via Stylelist)


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Actress and activist Daryl Hannah holds court on the cover of the newest issue of E Magazine to talk about her protests of mountaintop coal mining in West Virginia. Hannah, best known onscreen for her work as a mermaid in Splash and an assassin in the Kill Bill films and offscreen for her off-grid home, tree-sitting, and biodiesel-powered vehicle, told the magazine that her first visit to the mining site "made me feel ill. I almost can't explain how hard it is to assimilate and process the moonscape that is left behind." See the rest of the interview at E Magazine.

Eager to see how your backyard gardening plot compares to the one Michelle Obama set up at the White House? Get an inside look at the planting and harvesting habits of the first family, from what their diet change has done for them to how the garden grows (hint: by the end of July, it had produced more than 200 pounds of produce). Your vegetables may not be gracing the plates of national and international VIPs, but otherwise your garden might have more in common with the White House's than you think. (Via Huffington Post)


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Caifornia's Shambala Preserve, owned by actress Tippi Hedren, is home to 100 animals --including two tigers formerly owned by Michael Jackson--reportedly ignored a mandatory evacuation order issued in response to the state's wildfires; Hedren says, "We have a very, very good plan with the fire department. We will stay where we are, let the fire department do their job and we will do ours." Meanwhile, actress Linda Blair's World Heart Foundation, which rescues animals from Los Angeles streets and shelters, is also preparing to move out; Blair called for volunteers to help transport pups when the order comes down. "In terms of the evacuation itself--we are on pins and needles waiting for the word," she says. (Via Ecorazzi)

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