Nancy Pelosi Asks: What Do You Want to See on Global Warming Legislation?


When we interviewed David Filo, Co-founder and Chief Yahoo at Yahoo! Inc., we were interested to see how their plan for engaging Yahoo!'s visitors in environmental activism would work; today, there's a great example of what that sort of community-building and idea-sharing looks like. Marking the first time a member of Congress has engaged the public in a real-time dialogue about legislation currently being drafted in Congress, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi has joined the Yahoo! Answers community to ask the question: "Congress is currently working on legislation to address global warming -- what would you like to see included?" Thus far, there are 5461 responses, including some from a few distinguished thinkers from the environmental community, including TreeHugger's own Simran Sethi and TreeHugger contributor Lester Brown, who may be better known by some as the Founder and President of the Earth Policy Institute and author of "Plan B 2.0: Rescuing a Planet Under Stress and a Civilization in Trouble." Also weighing in are Dan Esty, one of the leading experts on corporate environmental strategy and former senior official at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Christopher Flavin, President, Worldwatch Institute; and Adam Lowry, the Co-Founder of method home cleaning products (also featured here on TreeHugger). Thus far, the answers range from thoughtful and pragmatic to denial and skepticism, but a wide variety of people are weighing in and have a chance to have a profound impact on the future of this country's governmental policy on global warming, which is great. The question will be active for another 23 days, and we recommend that you click on over, spend your two cents, and engage yourself in the democratic process. While you're at it, dig in to some of Yahoo!'s other new green initiatives, and remember that city that wins the "Be a Better Planet" campaign gets a fleet of hybrid taxis -- a little birdie told us that Roe, Arizona Arkansas is in the lead...(update: Roe is out and Pelzer, South Carolina has sprung into the lead!) ::Yahoo! Be a Better Planet, ::Yahoo! Green and ::Speaker of the House Pelosi on Yahoo! Answers