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Never minimize the ability to live by example. My decision to rock a charity: water birthday campaign was inspired my fellow 'Huggers who've done the same like our visionary Graham Hill and our tech/water guru Jaymi. (If I'm missing anyone, insert your name here.)

Having interviewed charity: water's founder and read several posts about the non-profit (Jeff literally just posted related news today), it was time to join in on the cool for my 28th birthday and create a campaign for clean water. I'm so happy I did.

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There were many things I wanted for my birthday but nothing that I needed. One billion people however, need clean drinking water and charity: water allows us to rally behind this and raise funds.

charity: water Works in Real Time
Thanks to the generosity of my family, friends and network of yoga practitioners I have at my studio, 13 donations have thus far been made, raising $414 and serving 20 people in need with clean, fresh water. How do I know? I can keep track on the nifty campaign page I created which lets me -- and my generous donors who are following -- know how close I'm coming to my realistic fundraising goal of $1000, with a dream of reaching $5000. ($5000 delivers a complete freshwater well to a community of 250 members.)

Donors are excitedly reporting back on how much they love the immediate gratification of seeing in real time what their spent dollars support. Their smiles say it all.

What's that, dear reader? You wish to join the action and make a contribution to one of the most precious, valuable and diminishing resources of our day? Why certainly -- right here! There are 82 days left before my campaign money is whisked off to a well project for a community in need. Or, you can rally up your own campaign for your next birthday, celebration or for for no reason at all other than that you'd like to do some good.

Creating a charity: water campaign is easy:
1. Go to
2. Scroll down and click the "Fundraise for Clean Water" section
3. Click the "Get Started Now" button
4. Sign up by filling out the form and get prompted from there. You'll want to flesh out your profile page so it's more attractive to donors adding personal touches like a note, photo, or any other info of value.
5. Set a realistic fundraising goal
6. Make a donation in your name to show people you're serious.
7. Spread the word! Add your cause to your social media sites, your e-mail signature, an e-mail blast or... a blog post. (You caught me.)

Sending waves of gratitude to my inspiring colleagues, and everyone who has -- and is -- lending their generous hand in the charity: water cause.

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