Musicyling across Canada


Last summer it was the Ditty Bops peddling across the states; This summer Musicians Johnny Eden and Derek Olive are pedalling across Canada from Powell River BC to Petite Riviere, Nova Scotia, a distance of 6,500 kilometres. (4000 miles), performing over sixty shows across the country. So far they have made it over the Rockies and according to their blog, are in Alberta, "struggling against the wind and some more strange weather that wouldn't settle in to hot or cold, rain or shine." Unlike the Ditty Bops who had a support vehicle following, Johnny and Derek carry everything on their bikes and are camping along the way.


"We're trying to promote sustainable transportation and trying to show other musicians that they can tour this way. We want to encourage people to use bicycles more often and life a more healthy, active lifestyle." They are travelling with their guitars, Cds, and camping gear strapped to single-wheel bike trailers, but hope that people they meet along the way will put them up for the night occasionally. "We want to encourage people to rethink how they are doing things" says Johnny. We are interested in knowing how they plan to stay awake for a whole set after biking all day. See the tour schedule at ::Musicycle via ::Sideroads of Muskoka

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