Muji Awards 2: Rethink, Redesign, Re-use. Re-fuse


Yikes! So many Competitions, nobody is going to get any paid work done if they enter Ample Sample, Design Boom's Living Simplicity, Asics Fill the Box and now MujiAward 02. The theme is "RE: which stands for the reinvention of everyday life.

"Re-think, Re-design, Re-use, Re-fuse... Show us how you can discover and conceptualize RE in a familiar, everyday thing...Anyone may apply regardless of whether they are corporate or private individuals, freelance designers, in-house corporate designers, students etc. Entries are restricted to new domestic or international designs. We are not asking for any particular genre, it could be anything from furniture, stationery and office equipment to everyday household items."

Which is rather open-ended but sounds like fun. ::Muji Award via ::Desain