MTV Switch Video Targets Greenwashing

MTV’s Environmental Campaign Slams False Green Claims
Whether it’s political greenwash or commercial greenwash, lying, exaggerating or otherwise distorting truths to appear more sustainable than you really are is not something we TreeHuggers take lightly. It would seem that we’re not alone either – MTV have just released the above video as part of their Switch Campaign – targeting companies, politicians and celebrities for eco-hypocrisy. All together now:
“It doesn’t really matter what it is, or what it does, or why it stinks or what it means as long as it is green. It doesn’t really matter what it’s for or what it makes or what it kills as long as it is green. Green, green, green, green, let’s paint it green.

::MTV Switch::via Hugg tipster Jerryjamesstone with thanks!::

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