MTV Seeks Eco — Activists Clichés: Is Casting Call for "Eco-Activists" Call for Eco-Stereotypes?


Wednesday, I posted a casting call for MTVs TRUE LIFE: I'm Stopping Global Warming, an episode highlighting "young environmentalists taking action" and "making change happen." But what does "taking action" really mean to MTV?

One TH reader, claims she contacted MTV with her story, but was quickly dismissed for not being an "in-your-face angry-protester stereotype of environmentalists." Curious, I had to investigate and contacted MTV casting.

"We want to inspire kids and students to take action," said MTV's casting researcher. "We're looking for those kids sleeping in the woods so the endangered forest doesn't get cut down." Don't get me wrong . . . it's great that MTV is drawing mainstream attention to environmental issues, but please, let's avoid these useless clichés. When asked for examples of "inspiring eco-activists," MTV described those who might chain themselves to a company's headquarters, or make a pile of dead animals to illustrate what "catalogues do to nature."

Thanks for the typecasting MTV! What about those 17 -28 year olds devoting themselves to seamless sustainable innovation, creating mainstream solutions, thinking outside the predictable ambit of annoying pranks and militant picketing? It's pretty naïve—behind the times—that their idea of an eco-activist is just some belligerent tree-spiker. Maybe if they read TreeHugger they'd realize most young environmentalists are highly rational, intelligent, cutting edge, and damn sexy.

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