MTV Launches "Break the Addiction Challenge"


Last month, we noted Jay-Z's upcoming MTV series in which he travels to places around the world affected by the world water crisis. Today, the hip-hop mogul announced the launch of the "Break the Addiction Challenge" on MTV's Total Requests Live. A partnership between the entertainment network, the Energy Action Coalition, and the Campus Climate Challenge, the Break the Addiction Challenge will encourage college students to press for 100% clean energy at their schools. The first stage of the competition invites individual students to submit videos or essays on their own efforts to complete portions of the Break the Addiction 12 Step program, with the winner receiving a trip to attend the premiere of The Diary of Jay-Z: Water for Life with the star himself in New York. Subsequent stages of the Challenge pit student groups against one another in a variety of assignments (complete with cheat sheets); prizes include Break the Addiction parties hosted at their colleges or universities, and a grand prize of a $10,000 eco-renovation of one school's student lounge or other "hang space." Students can enter the first part, "Break Your Addiction," through October 20th, while groups assignments have several "due dates" in the Fall and Spring. While students will undoubtedly have a great time during these contests, Jessy Tolkan, Campaign Director for the Campus Climate Challenge claims that much more serious motivations are spurring students to action around North America: "Young people across the US and Canada are leading the way in the fight to stop global warming. We've started by demanding that our schools be powered by clean energy and become models of climate responsibility for the rest of society. This is about our future and we're focused on solutions."

The Break the Addiction Challenge and Campaign are part of think MTV, "a vibrant community where young people get informed, connect to each other, express themselves and take action on the issues important to them, their community and their world." ::Break the Addiction Challenge via Yahoo! News via Hugg