MTV Celebrates Earth Day with Special Programming


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If you happen to be indoors on this beautiful day that celebrates Mother Nature, turn on the tube or go online and check out MTV. In celebration of Earth Day the network will begin rolling out new series’ and features that celebrate eco-friendly living. The programs are designed to inform and inspire young people to become active participants in conservation because, well, they are the upcoming future. You can also catch the specials online at and, if you’re walking through Times Square, make sure to look up at the giant 44 ½ foot HD screen.

Special programming includes:
(edited from a press release distributed by MTV)

- Inside the Green Real World – debuts a series of exclusive videos that let viewers peek behind the scenes of the "Real World: Hollywood". As we previously mentioned, the new season features the first-ever eco-friendly Real World house, complete with a computer powered by a stationary bike, solar panels, energy efficient appliances, bamboo flooring and a hybrid car.

- Premiere of Animated Series "Perfectland" – and MTV Mobile will premiere "Perfectland," a new animated four episode series from award-winning animator Benjamin Meinhardt ("Ed, Edd and Eddy"). The series focuses on a cyborg-cowboy profiteer who never saw a natural resource he didn't want to pillage – and the mutant revenge of the cuddly animal creatures he's always exploiting.

- MTV News Goes Green –TRL will feature a special MTV News report profiling the hottest trends in sustainable fashion, with eco-chic gear from Converse, Levis, Quicksilver and Edun. Fashion models and MTV News correspondent Tim Kash and will sport the latest environmentally-friendly wares, reminding everyone that hemp clothing is so last year.

- 52/52 Artist Gossip Advocates for Mother Earth – Blazing alt-rock set Gossip is lighting up the world with their new LP "Live in Liverpool," and they're taking time out to encourage mankind to rethink its commitment to conservation. The band recorded a pro-Earth spot, as part of its week of 52/52 promos, which will run all day.

- Street Team '08 Does the "Green Apple Festival" – MTV's team of "Choose or Lose" citizen journalists have America's Largest Earth Day Celebration covered. Background: each week the Street Team reports on the political issues of greatest import to America's youth, and correspondents from New York, Florida, Colorado and Washington, D.C. were on site at four of this past weekend's eight blowout eco-festivals. The environment is a top issue for young voters this year and the Street Team's Green Apple Festival reports, which can be found at, will include prominent artists and young people of all stripes calling out the sustainability issues they want to see addressed during Election '08.

- Break the Addiction PSAs on Every MTV Screen – Since launching Break the Addiction two years ago, MTV has amassed a collection of striking and award-winning PSAs that detail simple, daily steps anyone can take to have a measurable impact on the fight against global warming. The spots will air all day on MTV2, mtvU, MTV Tr3s, MTV Hits, MTV Jams and MTV 44 ½ – the network's giant HD screen in Times Square. All the PSAs drive back to

Think MTV will also be included in Flock's new eco-browser, which we covered earlier today. See other MTV programming we've covered: Water for Life with Jay-Z, Trippin' with Cameron Diaz, Pimp My Ride with the Governator, and MTV's True Life series.

To find out more about MTV’s programming, check out their website. ::Think MTV

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