Mountainsmith Set to Expand Their Recycled Series


Whilst Osprey have been bringing their recycled daypacks and messenger bags to market, Mountainsmith has been busy with their line of recycled lumbar pads (as noted in our Christmas Gift Guide for Outdoor Lovers) and seen above right.

The exterior fabric of the lumbar pads is a 450 denier 100% recycled PET (polyester) fabric, while the interior is a bright coloured lining (so you can find stuff inside) of lighter weight 150 denier PET. Mountainsmith say that between 13 and 16 PET bottles and by the end of 2007 (which is not very far away) they estimate they'll have saved 1.1 million bottles from landfill. Wow, by my shoddy maths, that's almost 70,000 recycled lumbar pads being bought.

For 2008 Mountainsmith plan to extend their recycled offerings to include a full 70 litre alpine rucksack, the Phoenix (seen on the left). The company suggest when the pack hits the trail in Spring next year it will be made of 85% recycled materials. It will join the the smaller 30 litre Spire (middle), in a line of, what Trailspace described as "19 backpacks and daypacks, seven lumbar packs, and four camera bags with recycled content." ::Mountainsmith, via ::Kirou.