Moulton NS Speed Bike


Remember the original Italian Job movie? Sporty little Minis bouncing down all those stairs? Well, the guy who designed the suspension for those Minis, later turned his attention to bicycles. He crafted the first bike with front and rear cushioning - over 40 years ago! And still the innovation continues. The NS Speed, shown here, uses a... stainless steel 'space' frame, with kevlar/carbon fibre forks and rubber based suspension. Weird huh? But looks can deceive. A Moulton holds the world speed record (51mph/82 kph) for a bike ridden in the conventional upright position. Notice the low ‘step-through’ frame - safer for guys and convenient for those wearing skirts (or kilts). Ideal for commuting too, as many models sport fenders/mudguards and frames that split in two. One even has automatic gear shifting! Their motto: the world’s most efficient form of transport.
::Alex Moulton [by WM]