Mothercare Sells Rocking Eco-Cribs


Babies ahhhhhh they’re so cute, but oh so expensive! They are more demanding as consumers than your average adult fashionista. Babies outgrow anything there are put into, clothes, nappies, cribs, faster than mummy dearest can go out and find the next size up. They are also a minefield of eco-dilemmas for wannabe green parents. Are the old fashioned washable nappies more enviro-friendly than new biodegradable ones? Furthermore when the family has to travel all this baby paraphanelia has to come with. TreeHugger believes that intelligent eco-design can resolve these issues, so it is great to see Mothercare proving us right by addressing all of these dilemmas in one product. The simple but clever Eco Crib is made from strong cardboard panels which travel flat packed and easily slot together for assembly. We love the funky pastel graphics printed on the outside and that the end panels are shaped with a curve at the bottom so that the crib can be rocked. Not only is the Eco Crib lightweight, easily portable and recyclable, but at £27.99 it isn’t expensive either. Via: The Week Magazine. ::Mothercare