Most Huggable


Readers have been posting news on Hugg faster than you can say "styrofoam-free convent" or "fuel-cell NASCAR." In fact, those are two of our top Huggs. The 47-acre Congregation of St. Joseph in Cleveland (alright, not quite a convent) is making some righteous green strides like eliminating styrofoam (the antichrist?), going organic in the garden, eliminating toxic cleaning agents, and installing a natural gas fueling pump for its fleet of CNG Civics. Wired News preaches the gospel according to the Neo-Greens (that's us, folks) in a green-is-the-new-black exploratory. Green is apparently also the new red (neck?) as proven by news that later this month, NASCAR plans to run a fuel-cell powered racecar at Lowe's Motor Speedway despite protests from other racers. And speaking of red, for those wondering if their Red Bull is made from organic bulls, Syzmo weighs in as the first 100% certified organic energy drink. Texas is also planning the country's largest offshore windfarm, a 40,000-acre affair off the Padre Island seashore that has local groups worried about migratory bird traffic.