Most Huggable. Plus! New Features: The Newsletter and RSS.


It's just gotten even easier to forage for your daily allowance of reader-generated green news with two new Hugg features. You can sign up for Hugg's daily newsletter, and you can subscribe to the RSS feed. The newsletter (sign up at the top of will deposit the top-Hugged stories from the front page into your box daily, and the RSS will bring the latest green to your favorite aggregator.

And now back to our regularly scheduled huggable highlights:

Answer Al's big question and win a Prius in Yahoo's "Ask the Planet"

The feds looks at integrated solar panels with an eye for letting you calculate your precise output

The Sun-brella, by Greg Freer, keeps the rays off you while juicing up your toys

Earth nightclub in Manhattan serves up organic spirits

Washington, D.C. lays down rubber sidewalks pleasing feet, roots, and budgets...