Most Huggable: More from Bali, Inside a Recycled Countertop, How to Live Off-Grid + More


The United States, Japan and Canada are putting the brakes on progress in the fight against global warming, according to observers at the UN climate change conference in Bali.

Yahoo! fills us in on the top green-related searches in 2007; recycling, Freecycle, Al Gore, Live Earth and more!

Do you know how an eco-friendly countertop is made? Get an insider view with this slick video and accompanying article.

Linda Loudermilk continues to prove that green is sexy, with her sassy organic cotton denim stitched with fair-trade labor.

Get the scoop on how to live off-grid in the latest installment of Eco-Libris' guide to giving green books for the holiday season.

Most Huggable is a regular roundup of some of the top stories from, TreeHugger’s user-generated green news site. Why not submit your own green news?

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