Most Huggable: Greenest US Cities, Laundry Tips, Online Book Swapping + More


When it comes time to start a family, retire, or just move, you'll want to know where the greenest cities in the US are. Is your city on the list?

Honda is looking to the future and launching a hydrogen-powered car at the upcoming L.A. auto show.

Learn some lessons about ways to save power, money and effort while keeping clothes clean, and leave your own tips at Appropedia, the sustainability wiki.

Take a gander at the first whole-house home audio system that's a bit greener than we're used to.

Eco-Libris has a thorough review of Bookmooch, an online book-swapping service that's saving trees by helping folks get the most out of their books through trade.

Most Huggable is a daily roundup of some of Hugg’s top stories. Why not submit your own green news?

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