Most Huggable: Green(er) Fridges, the Million Tree-A-Thon, Decentralized Energy + More


Sub-Zero is working to make their huge products more efficient, but does that make them green?

Take a bite out of this review of the most and least contaminated produce, and get some tips on where to buy organic fruits and vegetables.

Check out this new initiative from Kedzie Press and Eco-Libris: the Million Tree-A-Thon. The goal: planting one million trees for one million books to be sold by Kedzie Press by the end of 2009.

Get the scoop on an alternative to using laundry detergent and softener when washing a load of laundry.

Plug in to this overview of decentralized energy: what it is, how it works and how it differs from the present (mostly inefficient) energy system.

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