Most Huggable: Going Garbage Free, Ethical Clothing in London, Recycling as a Green Myth + More


Currently, we produce more garbage than stuff, but it doesn't have to be that way; read up on going zero waste.

Despite growing awareness of the need to adopt more environmentally friendly IT practices, a quarter of firms (26%) admit to having done next to nothing to green their information technology.
Ekyog, the French ethical clothing label, will open its first UK boutique next week. They specialize in organic cotton clothes for women and babies, and has recently branched out into chic fashion.

As green gets bigger and bigger, more and more greenwashing comes along with it; here's how to avoid being exposed as a business, in a world that's never been so aware of all things green.

In some cases, recycling is unquestionably the best option. But to make a blanket assumption that only recycling can save the planet owes more to religion than science.

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