Most Huggable: Combatting Eco-Skeptics, Shop Less, Live More, Green Car Concepts Galore + More


Fed up with climate change deniers bombarding you with those annoying questions? Tired of defending Al Gore? Check out these top 10 comebacks and you'll win any eco-themed argument!

The holidays are almost here, and you know what that means: another year to shop less and live more with Buy Nothing Day.

Created for the LA Auto Show Design Challenge, the Toyota BioMobile Mecha Concept uses pollution as energy source.

Fisker Automotive throws their hat into the green car ring, with the announcement of a plug-in luxury hybrid with a price tag near six figures.

Wild-caught salmon is a greener choice than farmed salmon, right? Not if this post has anything to say about it. But it turns out that this thread contains more than meets the eye.

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