Most Huggable: Cellulosic Ethanol from GM, Tree-Saving Strategies for Bookworms + More


General Motors announced a partnership with Coskata, Inc., a renewable energy company with the means to produce low-cost ethanol from virtually any carbon-containing feedstock including biomass, municipal solid waste -- even used car tires.

The largest children's book publisher is announcing new green measures and are claiming to be the industry leaders in sustainability. But are they really?

Speaking of books, here are 5 ways for bookworms to help save trees.

What does "natural" mean when seen on a package in the grocery store? Not much, and the Food & Drug Administration aims to keep it that way.

Recycled glass is a great alternative to some harsher ceramic tiles in your kitchen or bathroom; here are 6 options if you're on the prowl for new tile.

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