Most Huggable: Carbon Reporting, McMansions, 100 MPG Engine Hack + More


Eleven of the world’s largest corporations have agreed to measure carbon dioxide emissions of several hundred companies in their supply chains as part of the Carbon Disclosure Project.

The Sierra Club is up in arms over California's high-speed rail plan.

Are McMansions partly to blame for the sub-prime meltdown and economic recession floating on the horizon?

Check out "The Story of Stuff": a 20-minute, fast-paced look at the dark underbelly of our consumption patterns, exposing the links between a host of environmental and social issues and showing you the real cost of that $5 radio.

Don't try this at home, but this company's fuel injection system that will let diesel engines run on regular gasoline; turning a standard 2.3-liter diesel engine that gets 50 miles per gallon to one that gets 100 miles per gallon when retrofitted.

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